Repair options for Windshields Olympia WA

by | May 6, 2013 | Automotive

Washington is known for it’s rainy, foggy weather and having a windshield free of cracks is a must in such a wet and stormy climate. A small crack or ding in a windshield may not seem like such a big deal at first, but any flaw in a windshield immediately reduces the overall safety of a windshield and can become dangerous in case of an accident or if another object hits the windshield. Windshields help protect automobile passengers from the elements, as well as objects that come hurtling towards their car as they drive (not to mention shielding the driver and passengers faces from wind). Having a crack free windshield is also a critical part of a routine safety inspection and is required for having a legally registered and inspected car. For those looking to replace windshields Olympia WA has a windshield specialist to turn to: A Glass Guy, LLC.

A Glass Guy, LLC is fully licensed and works with insurance companies to replace cracked windshields that come into their facility. A Glass Guy provides services to seven different counties in the Western Washington area. In order to provide the highest quality windshields in Olympia WA, A Glass Guy only uses OEM Grade glass for their repairs. OEM glass is the same grade of glass used by car dealerships when they replace windshields and is one of the highest quality glasses on the market. A Glass Guy also specializes in repairing small chips or cracks without replacing the entire windshield. They also accept a very long and comprehensive list of automobile insurance agencies keeping you from having to pay for repairs out of pocket. They will also come to you and your vehicle within 50 miles of their location absolutely free if you need a repair so you can have your windshield repaired without even leaving your home. All of their work also has a lifetime guarantee against faulty installation or leaks, giving you peace of mind if anything happens to your newly repaired windshield. A Glass Guy is helping keep windshields Olympia WA residents keep their car windshields safe and crack free.

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