Repair Damaged Teeth with Bonding

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Repair Damaged Teeth with Bonding

If your teeth don’t look perfect, then you can visit a dentist who offers cosmetic and restorative services. The Chicago IL teeth bonding process for your damaged or unsightly teeth is one of the easiest and fastest dental services because it doesn’t require any anesthesia. Dentists consider this a form of adhesive dentistry that is designed for improving the function or appearance of the surfaces of your teeth. The application of bonding substances can protect your dental enamel or the underlying dentin layers from the damage of exposure to food, beverages and bacteria.

Bonding Requires Using Color-Matching Substances

Children, teenagers and adults can have teeth bonding in Chicago IL to improve the appearance of primary or secondary teeth. The bonding material is mixed to match the color of the natural tooth that has damage, and the liquid bonding substance dries on the tooth faster with the assistance of blue light. If your natural teeth or dental restorations are stained with spots or overall discoloration, then having your teeth professionally whitened is recommended before the bonding procedure begins. A great dentist understands how to apply bonding material to change the size or shape of a tooth slightly to create a smile that is more attractive.

Dental Bonding Can Correct Small Tooth Defects without a Crown or Braces

When you have gaps between your teeth or a tooth is chipped, teeth bonding in Chicago IL is often a better way to fix the problem. You may not need a dental crown or orthodontic treatment when you have small problems that affects the appearance of a tooth. For additional information about having a bonding procedure on your teeth, you can contact us at Chicago Beautiful Smiles at 847-729-6080, or you can visit our website at

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