Reduce the Pests Around Your Home or Business With Rodent Control

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Pest Control

Dealing with pests in your home or business can be a real challenge, but one of the worst of these problems is Rodent Control. Rodents are one of those creatures that have developed a unique relationship with humans. Over thousands of years the rodent has learned that humans have abundant food supplies, at least food that these tiny mammals like to eat. As civilization evolved and agriculture made food more easily available to humans, it also became easier for rats and mice to feed. Unfortunately, having access to an abundant food supply reduces infant death from lack of nutrients and increases breeding. This means more rats and mice in cities and urban areas.

One of the most common rodents which people deal with is the brown rat, also known as the Norway rat. This particular rodent originated in Asia and slowly immigrated to the rest of the world through trade routes. Eventually, the rat made its way to the new world on the same ships that brought colonists. It is now one of the most common mammals in the country. Controlling this rodent can be difficult because they live in a variety of places. You can find brown rats in ditches, sewers, old buildings, barns, sheds, dumps and your home. In fact, the brown rat can live in just about any environment including woods, fields and marshes.

The Norway rat can grow to be eighteen inches in length, including the tail. They are a brownish color which turns to gray around the belly. The rat has short fur with a bald tail and ears. They are great swimmers and excellent climbers. Rats have been seen climbing walls or running along utility wires and are known to use support systems like drain pipes. They are a problem in human habitations because rodents can easily contaminate foods. One habit that rodents have is chewing or gnawing a variety of items including electrical wires. Part of this habit comes from continually working on their nest. A rodent’s nest is a series of chambers connected by passageways. They use this nest for rearing young and storing food. If the rodent is living in your home, they can build huge nests inside the walls. This becomes a serious problem which makes it extremely tough to completely eliminate this nuisance. Contact Battle A Bug to get help in your fight with Rodent Control.

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