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Roof shingles are roof covers that overlap each other and are usually made of wood, asbestos cement, slate and many other synthetic materials. Over time and through many weather changes, the protection role of the shingles may be damaged and a heavy storm may even remove shingles from their place. If your roof shingles are damaged or missing, it may cause the other layers of your roof to rot and even damage your ceilings and paint. Hazardous mold and algae may also cause problems to your roof shingles. One of the easiest ways to identify damage done by algae is to inspect your roof for dark streaks or discoloration.

Get Some Quotes

When you notice that the roof shingles are looking suspiciously damaged or old, it is best to contact several companies and get quotes from roofing contractor Minneapolis professionals. These quotes will help you with your research, comparison and budgeting. Many homeowners complain when the bill comes but this can be avoided by doing the necessary homework in advance.

Get More Information

Pay attention to the new shingles recommended by your roofing contractor Minneapolis professional and check if they are constructed of high quality material with a proper warranty. Spend some time finding out a few pieces of information about the manufacturer and the material’s durability. Look into the shingles’ advantages and disadvantages against certain weather conditions. Also, do not forget to ask questions regarding the felt that is used by each contractor.

Compare Quotations

When you compare quotes from roofing contractor Minneapolis professionals, ask a few questions about the removal procedure of your home’s old shingles. Be sure to see that the cost of removal and cleaning jobs are included in the quote. It may be more expensive and troublesome to arrange for a different contractor to do the shingle removal and cleaning work. As well, ask if the contractor has a workmanship and replacement guarantee. A confident and professional roofing company should have no hesitation about giving you such a guarantee.

Have Adequate Insurance

Insurance is often neglected but it is your responsibility to ask the contractor if his workers have adequate insurance. This is not only for the workers’ safety but also to protect your home and your wallet. Without the proper insurance, if a major accident happens, it may end up causing you more money and great delays on your new roofing project. If you start months ahead with research and arm yourself with information, you will be better at choosing the right roofing contractor for your home.

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