Qualities to Look for in a Northern Virginia Commercial Roofing Contractor

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

When the roofing on a commercial building has seen better days, it’s time to find a Northern Virginia commercial roofing contractor who can install a new one quickly. The contractor must possess a few basic attributes, along with having the background and experience for the job. Here are some examples.

Polished Communication Skills

The best Northern Virginia commercial roofing contractor will be able to communicate effectively with the client. This is especially true if the business operation cannot be suspended while the roof is being repaired or replaced. In order to make sure that there is a minimum of interruption in employee productivity, everyone involved must be able to work together in coming up with a schedule for certain tasks to occur. This will mean that there won’t be any nailing of shingles or laying asphalt over the conference room when an important conference call is taking place.

Ability to Stick with a Schedule

The best contractor for the job will understand the importance of keeping the roofing project on schedule. While there is nothing that can be done about weather conditions that fail to cooperate, a contractor who is willing to tweak the schedule in order to overcome obstacles is certainly worth every penny. For example, a contractor who is willing to have a crew work on weekends in order to make up time lost due to a couple of rainy days in the last week will earn the gratitude of the most hard hearted of business owners. The Work is Guaranteed while the expectation is that the roof will provide years of service, all sorts of things can happen. If there is a failure of any type soon after the work is completed, it helps to know there is a guarantee of some type in place.

Contractors like Orndorff and Spaid Inc stand behind their work. That is exactly the type of support that most business owners need when it comes to roof replacement, or even repairs. That guarantee must be more than a handshake, although that is always appropriate. The terms of the guarantee must be provided in writing. This will help to ensure there are no miscommunications regarding who is and is not responsible if certain events come to pass.

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