Protecting Your Valuable Possessions with White Glove Installation Services

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Protecting Your Valuable Possessions with White Glove Installation Services

Most people believe that white glove service is nothing more than simply donning a pair of white gloves while packing, moving or installing high quality items. In fact, proper white glove service is so much more including years of experience, and impeccable attention to detail. When you are in the process of moving, or acquiring new artwork it is wise to consider the help of a reputable company that can effectively and expertly provide this type of service while installing your investment. Most often, white glove service is best provided by professional art handlers and shippers. As they are intimately aware of potential damage than can ensue from unanticipated pitfalls or improper handling of priceless merchandise and artifacts. The most common reason for damaged art in the United States is due to improper packaging, or handling while in transit. Utilizing companies that offer white glove services is a highly effective method to use in avoiding possible damages en route.

Some Benefits of Utilizing White Glove Services:

* Customized Crating and Packing
* Unpacking and Professional Installation
* Clean Up and Removal of Packing Materials
* Premium Shipping Including Importing and Exporting
* Customized Service Based on Your Items Needs

Utilize a Company Familiar with Handling Precious Property

If you have a need to move any valuable or fragile piece of art or furniture it is typically best to accomplish this task with the help of professionals. Providers of white glove services are most knowledgeable about the best ways to package a variety of types of items that can prevent them from being damaged on their way to you. They also provide peace of mind, as it is far less stressful when working with an entire team that is familiar with the prompt transport and delivery of your precious treasures. As opposed to attempting to do it yourself, or utilize a cheaper run of the mill shipping service that might run the risk of not handling your piece with utmost care. A professional and talented white glove service company has the capability to handle any type of delicate task with ease, insuring that your art or antique is well protected.

Domestic and International White Glove Services Based on Your Needs

If you are looking for those who offer white glove service in Los Angeles, companies like Art Pack provide these exact services for both domestic and international needs. They take pride in offering impeccable customer service, and are highly committed to the successful delivery and installation of your piece. Contact their offices today for a complimentary estimate based on your specific needs.