Protect Your Home with Storm Doors in Washington, DC

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Buying a home is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive and long-term decisions a homeowner can make. Homes depreciate by quite a bit of money after the first year they are bought. Many homeowners decide to increase their home’s potential resale value by updating it with new doors, a new roof, windows, or even extra security measures. Sometimes these security measures are not the most beautiful. However, with the right know-how, anyone can buy the right type of object for his or her home. Storm doors are one such money-increasing option as they can be found to suit all climates, are available in many materials and styles, can make one’s house more secure, and are easily customized for the finicky fashion folk.

Storm Doors in Washington DC, and elsewhere, should be sturdy and able to withstand bad weather conditions like intense rainfall and wind. In some climates, homeowners may desire a door that either blocks sunlight or lets in sunlight, depending on where they live. Some doors can let in sunlight while blocking rays from the heat as a cooler option for hot climates. The type of Storm Doors in Washington, DC, can affect a person’s decision. For example, aluminum screens are not good for salty conditions as they cannot resist corrosion for saltwater. Bronze screens are by far the most durable, although they are quite expensive. Galvanized steel screens, on the other hand, are resistant to holes and tears, and are the least expensive of the various options. Visit website for more

After picking a material option, homeowners should consider whether their door should add to the home’s security. If so, the door should possess additional grilles on the frame and deadbolt locks. Some doors will even have a multi-point locking system and laminated security glass. Once the homeowner has chosen the material and security features, he or she should look for companies that sell and install Storm Doors in Washington, DC. One such company, Master Seal Doors, offers installation for storm doors and various models for ultimate customer customization. Call this company today to see how its aluminum storm doors can add value to a home.

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