Property Management Services: Screening for the Right Tenant

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Who is living in your investment property? One of the most important property management services is the tenant screening process. Know who you are renting to before you run into a problem. The implications of this process should not be taken lightly. If done incorrectly, this could cost money in property damage or court expenses.

What If I Screen On My Own?
You may be thinking you would like to maintain control of your investment by doing everything on your own, but think again when it comes to the tenant screening process. This may be one service that is necessary for a professional to conduct if you would like it done properly the first time. To avoid costly mistakes, choosing the right tenant is essential to keep turnover low and maintenance costs down as well as to avoid time in court. If you are renting your property frequently, be prepared to spend your money on make-ready costs between tenants:  carpet cleaning, painting the walls, and repairing damage.

What is a Proper Screening?
The tenant screening process is a multiple-step process to ensure the people who will be living in your investment will take care of it and pay their rent on time.  A typical screening offered by property management services includes a criminal, credit, income, and employment check. Companies have the resources to perform these screenings efficiently and inexpensively. You will know quickly if you have found your next tenant or the person who could have been trouble.

How Do I Get Help with Screening Tenants?
When looking at property management services, Missoula homeowners have a choice in property management companies. Choosing the right one could be the difference in choosing a good tenant or turnover. Do your research and find a company with highly trained experts who have experience and a track record of success. Make sure to check the company is properly licensed. Ask questions: What screenings to do you perform?  How long does it take to find the results? Will you help me tell a tenant if they do not pass the screening process? If you are hiring someone to help you with the screening process, make sure to ask all of the questions that are important to you.

Whether you need help with tenant screenings, legal compliance, inspections, evictions, or collections, Real Property Management can help. Their local knowledge, nationwide knowledge, and reach sets them apart in the property management industry. Get familiar with their team at and meet one of their experts to discuss your needs. For more information contact them at (406) 360-2792.

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