Propane Gas Tanks in Columbia, TN FAQ

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Propane is fast becoming one of the most used forms of fuel in the average household. Along with being extremely environmentally friendly, affordable, efficient and safe, propane works very effectively to heat a home and provide clean and reliable energy for household appliances. If you are thinking about installing a propane tank but have lingering questions, look at the following frequently asked questions about Propane Gas Tanks in Columbia, TN.

What size tank should I get?

The ideal propane gas tank for your needs depends on several factors such as the size of your home, the temperature of the area you live in as well as the number of appliances you will run with the fuel source. The general rule of thumb is that the colder the environment the larger your tank should be, and the warmer the environment the smaller the tank should be. However, the best way to determine the ideal size for your needs is to consult with propane specialists.

How do I check the gas level in the tank?

The best and most effective way to check the level of the gas in your propane tank is to utilize a gas gauge. A properly functioning gauge provides you with a fast and easy way to get an accurate reading on the amount of gas remaining in your propane tank. Knowing the level helps you to determine when the tank needs refueling and can help you to set up a refilling schedule based on average propane usage.

What do I do when I am out of propane?

When you run out of propane, close the safety value and then call your supplier to come out and refuel the tank. Before they refuel, have them perform a leak test on the tank and piping system to ensure that it is in good condition and functioning properly before topping up.

Why is it bad to fill tanks completely?

Propane expands based on air temperature changes and you must leave adequate space for this expansion to prevent the buildup of too much pressure, which can lead to dangerous explosions.

These are the answers to some of the most common questions about Propane Gas Tanks in Columbia, TN. If you have more questions you want answers to, contact professional propane providers like Chiles Propane today.

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