Problems That Could Arise Without The Help of A Dentist in Birmingham Alabama

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Dentist

It wouldn’t be too hard to find a person who doesn’t take care of their teeth as much as they should. Millions of people suffer from dental complications simply because they don’t brush as floss just as the Dentist in Birmingham, Alabama recommends. This behavior is precisely why so many older adults suffer from dental problems.

Fillings are often used to help restore the look and integrity of a tooth. The procedure is typically used for those patients who suffer from a cavity. Due to a lack of proper oral hygiene teeth begin to lose stability and the structure itself begins to weaken. The tooth may gradually decay due to a cavity, or the tooth may suddenly crack and break. If this happens, you need to see a dentist right away. Dr. Michael S. Anglin will examine the crack and will either use filling or a crown to make repairs. Even after going through this process the tooth still isn’t as strong as it was before, so it’s important to be careful from then on.

Never avoid pain when it involves your teeth. When you chew you’re never suppose to feel pain. Pain when you chew or brush your teeth could mean that you have a bacterial disease that’s gradually beginning to develop. Since this disease develops over a long period of time, by the time you begin feeling pain, the disease has likely caused serious damage. Bacterial infections cause teeth to become sensitive (which explains the pain), and gums may also begin to bleed. This bacteria doesn’t just affect your teeth and gums. The bacteria has the potential to enter your bloodstream and cause cardiovascular issues and other serious problems.

Do you have dry mouth occasionally? Dry mouth is another dental problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Saliva is very important, and a lack of it could allow problems to form. Your saliva helps to fight bacteria, neutralizes acids, and helps to improve your enamel. Older adults typically have problems producing saliva. A lack of saliva can cause a person to develop bad breath and tooth decay. Without the saliva there to naturally wash away residue left from food and drinks, bacteria is allowed to stick around and cause problems. Try seeing a Dentist in Birmingham, Alabama if you have dry mouth.

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