Positive Senior Living Experience in Iowa

November, 2013 by

Transitioning from home to a center for seniors can be a positive experience when the right community is chosen. Determining what the “right” one is depends upon the individual’s needs and their wants. Merely providing room, board, and medical treatment may take care of the necessities, but does little to provide a better quality of life. Starting this process means that there was room for improvement in the first place. Seniors need to be engaged by others to facilitate an active lifestyle. This fosters independence and dignity in the person receiving the care. When choosing a Senior Living community, keeping what is important to the person is the key to ensuring a smooth transition.

Checking the ratings and reviews of different senior communities is a good way to get a feel for the organization. Taking a tour is also beneficial to get a preview of what living there may entail. In Des Moines, there is a community that tailors their programs to the requirements of the person. Silvercrestwoodlands.com presents a well-maintained estate where an active lifestyle is key to a positive outlook. At Woodlands Creek, their highly trained staff work to enforce the vision of the Senior Living community every day. Their services are thorough and include independent living, assisted living, and memory care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Almost everything a person could want is already on site, but for other occasions free transportation is provided to all residents supporting their independence.

The activities and social engagement are what really makes a senior community stand out. Woodlands Creek offers an eclectic mix of daily activities in fitness, music, crafting, dancing, games, and entertainment. What truly makes this stand out is that residents are the ones who influence which activities are on the calendar. A positive senior living experience is possible and happens every day at Woodlands Creek. Their website has ratings, reviews, and helpful tips for coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Financial assistance is also available for veterans and surviving spouses giving you more flexibility in payment options.


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