Popular Wedding Flowers for Your Ceremony

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If you are getting married in Indianapolis, flowers are probably on your mind a lot, along with everything else. There are many beautiful flowers out there that many people consider perfect for weddings. Many local florists would be pleased to tell you more about the variety of wedding flowers Indianapolis but for now, here is a focus on some of the most popular:


Asters are part of the chrysanthemum family of flowers and will look amazing at any Indianapolis wedding. Though asters are small in size, they come in a range of gorgeous colors that often match those colors chosen to represent the wedding, including blue, pink, purple and yellow. Asters are most popular for fall weddings as they are considered late summer, early fall flowers. Because of their small size, they are often used as place fillers in bouquets and in centerpieces at the reception.


Roses have long been a sign of love, so it should be no surprise that they are popular choices when it comes to wedding flowers Indianapolis. Roses are available at any time throughout the year and come in more colors than you could ever imagine. Roses are also often found in many different sizes, so they are perfect for all different applications at a wedding from the smallest and sweetest flowers to the large and commanding ones.


The most popular wedding flowers are carnations. Each flower has a multitude of petals with gives them a look of bursting with color. Because they are so full, they make great additions to bouquets and even in floor arrangements. Another great thing about carnations is they can last longer than other flowers which mean they can still look great after a day or two without care. Carnations are affordable and available all year long which are other reasons why they are considered the most popular flower for weddings.

Snap Dragons

Though most people typically will not think of snap dragons as a traditional wedding flower, they are becoming much more popular as brides and grooms are looking for something unique. Snap dragons come in a cluster of small flowers and are available in several colors so they are quite easy to match. Most commonly they are used in combination with other flower types but brides who like to live on the edge can be found using them on their own.

These are only a few of the many different flowers that are available for weddings. Some other popular choices include cala lilies, daisies and gerberas. Though these are some of the most popular flowers used at weddings, if you find a good florist, they can certainly make arrangements, bouquets and table centerpieces out of any type of flower you can think of.


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