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by | Feb 18, 2014 | Plumbing

So, you have decided on your building project, whether it was a new construction, renovation, or a simple plumbing repair. Carefully choosing the right Plumbing company Jacksonville FL is important to the success of your project. While a qualified contractor can turn your plans into a success, the wrong one can turn it into a total nightmare. Here are some tips for selecting the right plumber for your specific job:

1. The candidate must have a valid contractor’s license and is current on their liability insurance.
2. Ask for references from recently completed projects, checking each one to see how the process went.
3. Make sure the contractor can acquire building permits and certificates required for work, plumbing, electrical and other trades inspections (if necessary).
4. Submit identical copies of detailed project plans for each potential candidate to get a quote for the project. You should get at least three different quotes before making your selection.

The Contract

After selecting a contractor in Plumbing in Jacksonville FL, make sure that all the details are included in the contract. This includes full names, addresses, and phone numbers of both parties, as well as the physical address of the project. Make sure the start and end dates of the project are included, and a payment plan is described (in detail). It is normal for a contractor to ask 10-35% in advance, with additional funds paid as the work progresses. However, if you feel that a percentage or a number is too high, you can dispute the number or choose another plumber.

If the project is to be completed as a priority, you may want to consider offering it to a contractor that takes jobs at a reduced rate for services. Some contractors will give a client a great deal if the client ensures that they will have another job in tow. This may be due to bad weather or because of a “reference.” This is a win-win situation for the property owner, because the job is completed at a reduced price, and the contractor gets more business.
By following these simple steps, you can avoid a potential nightmare, ensuring your project is a pleasant experience for everyone involved. For more information on Plumbing in Jacksonville FL, contact your local plumber today.

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