Plumbing Guidelines for your Toilet

October, 2011 by

The ultimate dread of the home owner is the clogged toilet. For those of us with only one toilet, its break down would spell doom to the whole family. Although toilets are sturdy and reliable fixtures in your plumbing system, most home owners or apartment-dwellers have faced or will face the occasional clogging emergencies. Most of the common problems can be addressed by DIY work. With a little know how you can take care of minor repairs. Some of the common difficulties faced with a household toilet are:

1 . Water runs constantly into the tank: this may occur due to several reasons:

  • Float ball or rod is misaligned. To rectify this all you have to do is bend the float rod carefully so that the ball does not rub against the side of the tank
  • Float ball contains water. Change the ball or empty it.
  • Tank ball is not sealing at the bottom of the tank. This can be corrected by removing corrosion from the lip of the valve or replacing the tank ball if it is too worn out.
  • Ball cock valve does not shut off the water. If the problem is not corrected by replacing washers you may have to replace the entire assembly.

2 . Toilet does not flush properly or insufficiently. Reasons for this may be:

  • Drain may be clogged. Check the plumbing for blockages.
  • Not enough water in the tank. The problem can be corrected by bending the float rod up gently.
  • Tank ball falls back before adequate water leaves the tank, moving up the guide might rectify the problem
  • Leak at the point where tank joins the toilet bowl that can be righted by tightening nuts or replacing spud washers if required.
  • Ports around the rim of the bowl are clogged. Reaming out the residue from the ports would help solve the glitch.

3 . Tank whines and makes strange noises while filling. The common reasons for this may be:

  • Ball cock valve malfunction. Replacing washers or installing a new ball cock assembly should rectify the problem.
  • Waster supply is restricted. Check that the shutoff valve is completely open. Check for scale or corrosion on valve at entry into tank.

Major repairs in your plumbing and installation of important fixtures should be carried out by licensed plumbing professionals. Improper installation of fixtures can cause a world of pain. Sewer replacements and septic systems should always be conducted by experts trained in plumbing. Herndon, VA residents can call on the services of licensed service providers for their plumbing requirements.