Options In Industrial Log Splitter Equipment

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Log Cutting Equipment

There are two different options or types of log splitting systems on the market. One is a system designed to use specific pressure and force to split logs. These types of systems are limited to the diameter of the logs.

In most applications, these types of log splitters are used for the processing of firewood and other very small diameter logs. They are very effective and fast, but not designed to provide extremely even sized final split wood.

The other option is a hydraulic type of cut positioning log splitter. This allows a saw bar, mounted down from a frame, to move horizontally through a log and create slices of the log down the entire length.

The Advantages of the Saw System

With the saw system of a log splitter, it is possible to create full-length slices of logs up to 20 feet in length. Additionally, with the choice of this system, the split pieces can be uniform in size, with a very even and precise cut edge.

Ideal for creating rough plank, this opinion in parallel cutting can be used on logs of up to 60 inches in diameter. As the system uses a blade and not pressure, it is faster and more reliable even with these large sized logs.

These systems can be used to create slabs or to complete slabs quartering. With the ability to locate the cutting bar at the desired position down the log diameter, it can also be used to cut the logs to the desired milling measurements to work with other equipment and systems.

With the use of this type of log splitter, maintenance is very low, and the system has an extremely long-life cycle. Equipped with a gas powered motor or a complete hydraulic system, this is a great investment for any lumber mill to consider.

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