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by | Dec 11, 2013 | Dental

For a long time, bright white teeth have been considered a way to emphasize health and beauty in many cultures. Unfortunately, teeth are easily discolored by many things like smoking, coffee, colas and aging. Many people who have suffered the side effects of lifestyle and habits like smokers whose teeth are discolored, can get their smile back courtesy of convenient and affordable Teeth Whitening Phillipsburg services. People are now able to choose from the various available methods of reclaiming the sparkling teeth in its natural bright white color. Listed below are the most preferred methods owing to their availability and ease in the mode of action.

Strip method

This method uses whitening strips. They are very thin almost invincible strips usually coated with a peroxide based gel. The frequency of use depends on expert advice but most of the times it is applied twice a day for a period of two weeks.

Whitening gels

These are peroxide based gels, which are directly applied on the surface of the teeth. The frequency is mostly determined by the dental practitioner in consideration to the extent of damage to the tooth. If used properly, just like the strip method within two weeks, the change in most cases is evident.

Tray based teeth whiteners

This is a slightly different method as compared to the other two. Despite its availability over the counter, it is important to see a dentist to get a tailor made service. This is because it involves wearing trays that cover the teeth for a reasonable amount of time; generally from a couple of hours to over the night hence could cause discomfort if not fitted well. The period of the therapy is determined by the desired level of whitening.

People are advised against purchasing these items for Teeth Whitening Phillipsburg over the counter and instead seek professional guidance. An expert is always in a position to modify a treatment regime to suit the needs of the client. Phillipsburg Family Dental provides every basic dentistry service a patient needs, from cleaning to teeth whitening to emergency tooth removal. Their many years serving people with different conditions have provided them with a lot of experience in this field making them the number one choice for every dental service.

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