Maintain Healthy and Clean Pools

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Recreation

Pools must be kept extra clean in order to maintain an appealing and healthy environment. There are many tools you can invest in to ensure that your pool is kept clean. One of them is a swimming pool pump. This tool is important if you are serious about the maintenance of your pool. The main purpose of this tool is to ensure that your pool’s circulation system is in perfect order. The best pool pump is one that circulates water quietly and maintains optimal performance throughout the day.

Water circulation in pools is important since it prevents stagnation which is the main cause of contamination. Furthermore, the circulation system in your pool ensures that chlorine is distributed equally throughout the pool. Part of maintenance is ensuring that your filters are clean at all times.
When it is time to clean the pool, start by removing all the water and the debris. Gather all the equipment that you will use then remove all the dirt which is in the pool. Pools CT must be kept thoroughly clean before water is returned. If there is algae present on your pool, scrub it off until it is completely gone. As soon as you are confident that your pool is clean, add water until it reaches the desired level.

Pools need to have an optimum pH level so it is best to test the water. Use your test kit to measure the amount of chlorine in the pool. Test for alkalinity and calcium level as well. All these parameters are essential to ensure that your water is safe for users. As soon as you have put your water back and tested it, you can go ahead and turn on the filter and pump. Pool pumps should be left to run for three hours so that all the chlorine is evenly distributed and water is kept fresh.

When you want to close your pool, you should switch off the heater, remove all the equipment and then adjust your pH level. The pH level should be lower when pools CT are not in use. However, remember that even if you are not using the pool, you should run the filter for at least 2 days nonstop. This ensures that all the debris and contaminants are removed and the filtration system remains in perfect order.

Most importantly, you can hire professionals who offer regular pool maintenance services. Pools must be maintained well if they are expected to serve owners well for a long time to come. Repairs must be handled immediately so that the value of the pool does not go down with time. Pools CT are a great investment so secure them by seeking professional maintenance.

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