Maintain and Repair Your Water Heater

October, 2013 by

Turning on your hot water tap and feeling warm water flowing is something we all take for granted. Before you find yourself without that warm water, are hearing a whining noise from your water heater, the water has a foul odor, is not clear, or other unusual sounds are coming from your water heater, you know it is time to take a look at the condition of your water heater. Looking over your water heater, you should also look for any leaks around the intake and output connections noticed by rust or water pooling. Also make sure there is no water or new water stains around the base of your water heater. If you notice anything, or suspect problems based on noises, smell, or lack of hot water, it is time to contact your local experts in water heater repair in Chicago.

Whether your water heater is gas or electric, you should rely on the professional and knowledgeable services of a water heater repair expert. If it is a gas water heater, that goes without question. A licensed and insured plumber will be able to safely turn off or disconnect any power sources and complete a thorough inspection of your water heater unit. Rather than thinking you need to completely replace your water heater, which can be very costly, a professional water heater repair technician may be able to save you hundreds with maintenance and replacement of any faulty electrical or gas components, repair or replace leaky connections, and set your water heater thermostat to a temperature that is both safe for your home and efficient for energy usage.

Before your water heater stops working altogether, or creates a flood in your home, basement, or garage, or worse, explodes causing thousands of dollars in damage, you need to save yourself time, money, and emergency services by contacting your local professional plumber. They will inspect and detect any issues with your water heater. Whether your unit is still under manufacturer warranty or your unit has lasted beyond the warranty period, your water heater repair expert will be able to evaluate your system and recommend safety and mechanical repairs or actions that may help to prevent any serious or unexpected problems in the future and promote longevity of your unit.

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