Main Reasons People Choose Fiberglass Pools in Oakland County

August, 2013 by Malissa Choi

A swimming pool is one of the best additions you choose to add to your property. This addition will add aesthetic appeal to your home and also gives your family a place to have some summer fun. The two most popular types of pools are concrete or fiberglass. Fiberglass Pools in Oakland County have really been the most popular choice for many homeowners. There are many different reasons for this. Here are the four main reasons that homeowners choose fiberglass over other types of pools.

Installation time on a fiberglass pool is much quicker. The manufacturers who design and make these pools make model type pools available to you but they can also make a customized pool according to your design preferences. Before the pool is released to you, it will be checked for flaws and will be built to perfection. Once it arrives, the installation generally takes only about 14 days or less.

Another reason that homeowners choose fiberglass over concrete pools is quality. The Fiberglass Pools in Oakland County are stronger than concrete pools. When the temperatures and soil changes, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your pool. These types of pools can stand up to the pressure involved.

One major reason that people like fiberglass pools is the fact that they are less abrasive. The surface is smooth and you don’t have to worry about getting cuts or scrapes from the surface of your pool.

Fiberglass pools from Beninati Pool and Spa are also a less expensive to maintain than concrete pools are. You won’t have to use as many chemicals. The smoothness of the surface also makes it difficult for algae or bacteria to stick. As with any pool, you have to properly maintain it and keep the water in good condition. Adding the right amount of chemicals is one of the key elements to properly maintaining the pool water.

Finding the right type of pool for your home is easy as visiting your local pool and spa store. You may also want to browse online to see what type of deals are being offered. Either way you go, your new pool with bring you and your family many years of enjoyment.

Fiberglass Pools in Oakland County

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