Installing Surveillance Systems in San Diego

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Computer Security Service

Installing a surveillance system in your workplace is a great idea for business owners to keep track of what employees are doing around the office building. Through a centralized console, you can keep an eye on every employee in the office. You can have the cameras installed at strategic locations throughout the building, as well as nearby. Make sure there are cameras located close to the building entrance as well so you can check who is coming or going through the surveillance systems. Here are a few important things you should know about installing surveillance systems in your office building.

Preliminary Checks

You will first need to hire a professional company to inspect the building and give you an idea of where the cameras should be installed. Companies such as Southern Cal Telecom Inc. not only specialize in installing AV systems, but they also offer data storage facilities and cloud solutions to their clients. The preliminary checks are important to identify blind alleys and areas where the surveillance systems might not be able to reach properly.

Selecting and Installation

Once the security checks have been completed for your surveillance systems in San Diego, the company will then show you a variety of options to choose from. Some surveillance sets come with network video recorders, while others come with digital video recording. You can compare prices and then ask for suggestions from the installation company before making a final decision. Once you have made the payment, the company will start installing the surveillance cameras around the workplace. The wiring will be concealed, and the cameras will be connected to a centralized console that records video and can be controlled by a remote button. You can also view the footage live by connecting the cameras to a monitor.

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