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October, 2013 by Alma Abell

If you see your General Dentist on a regular basis and keep your teeth clean through regular oral hygiene procedures, you can go a long way towards keeping your smile healthy. Keeping your oral health in check can prevent cavities and gum disease and has been proven to prevent many other oral health concerns. Even with proper dental care and good oral hygiene habits, your teeth can become stained and even discolored. When this happens, you could try to take care of the issues yourself through at-home whitening kits and pastes, but you will quickly find they do not offer you much in the way of true whitening. To receive the results you want, you need a Teeth Whitening in Bayville dental treatment.

There are two main types of Teeth Whitening in Bayville. The most common procedure uses a whitening solution with a main ingredient of Hydrogen Peroxide. This solution is placed on the teeth and begins to penetrate the enamel so stains can be removed. It can lighten your teeth back to their original whiteness, removing stains from foods, drinks and tobacco. While this type of whitening is not always effective on the deepest of stains, for most people, it can whiten the teeth dramatically.

Another type of Teeth Whitening in Bayville involves bleaching. When your teeth have become stained due to medications and health concerns, there can be permanent stains. This is where bleaching comes in. The bleaching process uses a laser light beam to activate the whitening solution. This bleaches the teeth to a whiteness beyond the natural color of the tooth, removing even the most prolific of stains. Bleaching is the only way to get those Hollywood white teeth people seek these days.

If your family is in need of general dental care, cosmetic procedures or emergency services, Shore Family Dental can help. They offer a wide array of dental services for all ages and can consult with you about teeth whitening procedures and how they can benefit the look of your smile. Contact them today and make an appointment so you can get started on having the smile you always dreamed of.


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