Improve Your Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

One of the first things you notice about someone is their smile. A beautiful smile can transform someone’s face in an instant. If pearly whites and straight teeth are something you long to have, consider seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ. Doctors Rosen and Dworkin are professionally trained in cosmetic dentistry and can provide you with dental whitening and alignment or various other dental treatments to give you the smile you want.

When considering which dentist to invest your time and money in, there are several things to consider. Where was the dentist trained and where did he earn his credentials? Does he have any specialized training? If you have dental insurance, ask if the dentist is included in your plan. If he is not, most dentists offer payment options or credit plans, such as Care Credit, to make the investment easier for you afford. Also, something very important to every patient is how caring and gentle the dentist is while working on the teeth. Scheduling a consultation will help you determine this very quickly and will also give you an idea of treatment options the dentist offers.

Doctors Rosen and Dworkin offer several treatment options for cosmetic dentistry. One of them is bonding. Simply put, the dentist will apply a product to the damaged or unsightly teeth, then shape and polish it to form beautiful, straighter, whiter teeth. The product used is easy to care for and resembles natural teeth. Another option is to have thin sheets of porcelain placed over your own teeth to cover any gaps, discolorations, or misshapen teeth. The veneers are stain resistant and won’t be harmed by coffee, wine, tobacco, or tea. They also offer natural tooth colored fillings that can replace the old metal fillings leaving you with white teeth. If you desire to have your teeth whitened, they offer a quick dental treatment using a whitening gel that is activated by a special light to give you the pearly whites you want.

Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ, like Doctors Rosen & Dworkin, will quickly get you on the road to a brighter, beautiful smile in no time. Their team of professionals will give you the gentle and caring treatment with affordable payment options that you are looking for.