How Working With A T.38 Fax Server Can Expedite Information Exchange

July, 2014 by Alma Abell

The modern workplace is a mix of old and new technologies which are all designed to help employees perform their jobs more effectively. The challenge facing business owners and managers is how to effectively phase out old technologies which have become more obsolete without having a negative impact on their service to their customers or their employee’s ability to perform their job at the highest level. This challenge when done correctly can make sure that employees are as efficient as possible while also making their jobs easier.

Changing the processes for sending a fax is a simple step which can be taken in order to improve workplace efficiency as well as eliminate some of the costs associated with older technology without disrupting the current systems which employees have established in the workplace. A T.38 fax server will allow employees to send faxes from any device attached to the internet over a secure connection. This will allow documents to be sent without the necessity to print them out and use a traditional fax machine. There are many benefits associated with the use of this technology and it is simple to implement in the workplace.

A T.38 fax server is one of the simplest transitions that employees can make when transitioning from an older technology to a newer one. It is capable of working within any of the email systems which your employees are currently using and has a simple to understand interface which will allow your employees to send the faxes that they need to from within their web browser. This can help reduce the costs that are associated with the fax sending process by eliminating the need for the paper and ink which has been used in sending faxes to colleagues and clients.

By implementing a T.38 fax server you will be planning for the future growth and success of your company. Sending faxes through any secure internet connection is a much more scalable solution than the current hardware of having separate fax machines for the different areas of any business. You will not have to buy more hardware as the company grows, all you will need to do is train the new employees in the existing system which will take no longer than the current training which is provided to new employees.

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