How to Successfully Find Competent Electricians You Can Depend Upon

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Electrician

If you are needing electrical services, it’s important to successfully find competent electricians you can depend upon. An electrician is a trades person who installs electrical wiring and fuses in homes, buildings, stationary machines, and other structures. Some of the services this professional offers include: upgrades, installation, circuit breaker conversions, and remodeling.

To start your search for an electrician, it’s advisable to ask friends, family members, and colleagues for suggestion. You can also ask a builder or roofer for recommendations since these professionals often work with Electricians during the building of homes, buildings, and factories. Make sure you get detailed answers so you can learn about the customer service and workmanship an electrician provides. From this, you can choose one candidate to further investigate.

An electrical contractor can work alone or be a part of a business. Either way, it’s important to hire one that is licensed. This is mandatory in some states and municipalities. In other states it’s optional. To become licensed, an electrician must be proficient at electrical theory so he can pass a written test. An electrician must also pass an exam that tests his knowledge of the National Electrical Code, in addition to local building and electrical codes. You can call the state agency in charge of professional licensing to verify the existence of a license.

An electrician or company providing electrical services should carry a minimal amount of insurance including workers’ compensation and general liability. You can ask to see a certificate of insurance. This will help keep you from being held liable if someone is hurt while working on your electrical wiring. This is extremely important to have since doing electrical work can be very hazardous.

In addition, you can call the company for a brief interview to ask them a few questions such as:

Are you located in my town?

How long have you been in business?

Can you provide references who will attest to your solid reputation?

The above-mentioned information is just a starting point for investigating potential electricians. By adequately using your amateur sleuthing skills, you can find an experienced electrician like the ones at Advantage Service Company who provide comprehensive solutions for your needs. Visit us at Advantage Service Company, Inc. to know more.


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