How to Pay for Items on a Cruise

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How to Pay for Items on a Cruise

The method that passengers pay for things upon a cruise oftentimes depends upon the kind of ship and amenities already included within the cost of the ticket. The majority of bigger cruise ships will work similar to all-inclusive resorts that have nearly all usual expenses (shore excursions, entertainment, lodging, food etc.) included within the original price of the ticket. Other ones run more similarly to luxury hotels, with individual accounts that are opened for every passenger in order for them to be able to charge things to the room.


As a charge account upon a cruise ship might permit passengers to charge small costs and pay the grand total using a credit card, it does not mean a cruise includes a fully cash-less environment. For instance, passengers wanting to gamble on board have to provide their own money to buy gambling tokens or chips. It isn’t unusual to locate at the minimum of one ATM (Automated Teller Machine) on board a big cruise ship that has casino-type gambling. At Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality. We can help you plan your ideal trip!


Depending upon the cruise ship’s beverage and food policies, passengers also may need to pay for drinks upon a cruise, particularly alcoholic beverages. A few cruise lines provide a different beverage plan which permits passengers to drink unlimited quantities of non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, soft drinks, water and coffee for a small surcharge. If the plan isn’t available, passengers might require a supply of cash in order to pay for non-complimentary drinks. Also, tipping the wait staff or bartender might require a little cash if the passenger does not plan on tipping all the service members at the completion of the cruise.

What expenses are covered?

Shore excursions might be included within the original price of the ticket, yet this does not mean all the costs passengers might incur are covered. Typically, cruise packages cover items which are provided upon the ship, and not the activities a cruiser might take part in within the countries the cruise liner might visit. Transportation that isn’t arranged by a cruise line for an organized tour might not be included within the price of the ticket. Passengers might have the ability to buy gift or food items with their own money, yet they also may need to make arrangements to exchange the cash for currency of that area. Ask about our Alaskan Cruise Vacations!

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