How To Increase The Value In Your Home By Simply Raising Your Bathroom Vanity In Miami

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Interestingly enough, there are a lot of changes that have been made in the world of home building and construction over the past 40 years and design is not the only improvement. While there may be a couple of homes that are proud of their vintage or nostalgic yellow and green appliances and bubble window entry ways that scream 1960’s and 1970’s decoration, mainly those items are a thing of the past. Another big improvement over the years has been the height in which amenities are built. Consider the height of a Bathroom Vanity in Miami for instance to get a clear indication as to the year your home was built.

The bones of a home, meaning the structures that can not be changed or if they need remodeling will require a loan amount the size of the home purchase itself, are not necessarily needed to update a house. Any investor or real estate agent will tell you however, that if you want to get equity out of the home, certain conditions must be upgraded throughout the home. One thing to consider is the height at which electrical outlets are placed and counters and cabinets height. Perhaps the population has steadily gotten taller, but these items in older homes have typically been located for a low reach potential.

While it may not seem like an easy task off hand, there are simple ways to upgrade the entire home on a budget in order to raise up counters and cabinets to a more functional and desirable height. You may not hear a lot about increasing the equity in a home by improving the height of say, a Bathroom Vanity in Miami, but it does make a difference to a potential buyer. Explore options at for a comparison of new construction designs.

A novice contractor or even an experienced handyman can add a standard framing board in between any cabinet and counter top to give a more desirable height in any kitchen or bathroom piece of furniture. For a fraction of the cost of new built-in cabinets throughout the home, you can lift or raise your existing counters in order to give an instant remodeled feel. Depending on the bones of the structures themselves, you can easily get another 30 to 40 years of functional use out of them or sell the home for a much more comparable price to newer homes in your area.


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