How to Help Your Loved One Settle into Assisted Living

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How to Help Your Loved One Settle into Assisted Living

When first moving into an assisted living facility in New York, it may be difficult for your loved one to adjust. What makes it easier is if you and other family members are on-board with the move and plan to stay involved in a significant way. Some older adults may be looking forward to the change and others may enjoy the fact that it allows them to explore new things and meet new people.

In other cases, it can be extremely stressful, both for the resident and their caregivers. It takes time to adjust to new routines and entirely new surroundings. The good news is that this time usually only lasts a few months. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you show support in a difficult time.

Keep Communication Flowing

You want your loved one to have their own telephone and address book, so they can get in contact with people as they like. However, you should also be sure to call them and encourage other friends and family members to do the same. Rather than forgetting over time, make it part of your schedule and stick to it. Even if you can’t call every day, set up certain days or times for your loved ones to expect to hear you call.

Visit on a Regular Basis

Just showing up to spend time with your parents means a lot, even if you’re only sitting around talking or enjoying time together. You can bring the family sometimes and other times go alone. Do what you can to keep the bonds strong. One of the ways you can do this is by getting into in some of the events or activities that the assisted living facility in New York offers. You can also stop in for lunch or volunteer to host bingo or do other things your family member enjoys.

Maintain Ties to the Past

Sometimes your loved one might want to visit their favorite diner, drive by their old home, or have their hair cut at a barber they used to visit regularly. If you can accommodate these things, it can make the process a bit easier. Even reminiscing and talking about past events can help your relationship while providing a sense of independence to a loved one who may feel as if that is waning.

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