How to Avoid Transmission Problems with Regular Maintenance

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Your car’s transmission is the muscle that makes it move. While your engine is like a beating heart, your transmission does the bulk of the work in transmitting your commands – via the gears you shift – to that mechanical heart and giving your car the message to move. Without a working transmission, you’d be going nowhere fast.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your transmission running properly, and how to know when it’s time for transmission repair.

Transmission Fluid – Get It Checked and Changed

You can perform a transmission fluid check at home by running your car in park for a few minutes on level ground, then locating your car’s transmission dipstick beneath the engine’s hood and checking the level of fluid. Look for a color between bright red and a darker, blood-like shade, a thin consistency and a very faint or complete lack of scent. If this does not describe your fluid, it may be time to drain and change it. If this is not a task you’re comfortable handling, bring it to your nearest garage and they can check, change and even flush your fluid for you.

Consider a Transmission Flush

Unlike a simple fluid change, a transmission flush utilizes specialty, professional-grade tools to forcibly remove all of the fluid currently inside your transmissions holding tank. This also removes any built-up particulate matter, effectively cleaning your system out before the fluid is then replaced. It may be a good idea to choose a transmission flush at least every few times you visit your transmission maintenance professional, in order to keep the fluid chamber clear of debris and your system functioning at its optimum efficiency.

In need of services or transmission repair in Colleyville, TX? Consult your local garage for more information on how to keep your car’s most vital component running smoothly – and when to get it looked at by the pros.

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