How Slip And Fall Lawyers In Long Island, NY Can Help You

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Lawyers

Slip and Fall Lawyers Long Island NY are there on the scene of the accident gathering evidence to prove fault. When a premises liability occurs, it is pertinent to acquire as much evidence as possible to include witness testimony and any surveillance footage that captured the accident. A premises liability attorney provides these services to you when you are injured in a public place. If you sustained an injury at public location, contact the Law Office of Matthew Glassman.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Typically, a slip and fall injury occurs due to a failure to adhere to safety standards. Common places for these accidents are department stores and shopping malls. The cause is usually a spill that was not properly cleaned from walkways in which signs were not placed as a precautionary measure. In some cases, however, the accident may occur due to failures to acquire adequate staff to maintain a local venue in which beverages or food are spilled and not properly removed.

Local Accident Attorney

The Law Office of Matthew Glassman presents you with one of the most effective Slip and Fall Lawyers Long Island NY. Through diligence this law firm acquires key evidence to prove the liabilities associated with your accident. They discover the exact origin of this accident and link the accused to your injuries. After evidence is gathered, a claim is filed in the local civil court to prepare for your hearing. If you are ready to file a claim against the owner of the business or individual responsible for the premises in which you sustained your injury,

Slip and Fall Lawyers Long Island NY provide you with assistance when you are injured during a live event or while visiting a public location. These attorneys help you by determining who owns or is responsible for maintaining these areas to establish who exactly is at fault. They gather evidence from the scene of the accident including surveillance videos that captured the accident when it occurred. To discover more about premises liabilities and how they affect your claim, contact the Law Office of Matthew Glassman today.

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