How Does a Real Estate Attorney in Port Orchard WA Help Buyers?

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Lawyers

For anyone who is thinking of buying a home, it pays to engage the services of a Real Estate Attorney in Port Orchard WA. Doing so will provide protection and support that is hard to come by any other way. Here are a few of the tasks that the attorney will manage on behalf of his or her client.

Checking for Prior Claims on the Property

The last thing that any new homeowner wants to face is another party popping up with some sort of claim on the property. A Real Estate Attorney in Port Orchard WA can review the history of that property before the sale is complete and verify that no prior claims exist. This means the new owner will not have to deal with issues such as liens on the property, attachments due to legal actions against a prior owner, or any other type of claim that could put ownership in jeopardy.

Reviewing All Documents Related to the Sale

An attorney can check the bill of sale and all other documents related to the closing before the client signs anything. This helps to minimize the chances of anything slipping through without the notice of the client. For example, if the agreement between buyer and seller includes a covenant for the seller to install a new heating and cooling unit by a certain date, the attorney will make sure that provision is included in the paperwork.

Arranging for Title Insurance

The attorney will help the client secure title insurance that will offset any losses in the event some sort of issue with the title emerges later. A defect can occur when the square footage in the new deed is incorrect, or some overlooked wording in the sales contract is not quite in line with the rest of the closing documents. The insurance will help offset any costs that result from having the issue corrected.

For anyone who is thinking of buying a piece of real estate, contact Bennett Moran and Gianneschi Attorneys today. Doing so will ensure there is legal support on hand to take care of all matters pertaining to the purchase.

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