Hiring a Lawyer to Obtain Workers Compensation in Idaho Falls

by | May 7, 2013 | Lawyers

The workers compensation system was established to ensure that workers would be able to afford medical care for injuries that occur in the work place. It also ensures that they get paid for the time it takes them to recover. However, this simple concept of Workers Compensation Idaho Falls has evolved into a very complicated maze of federal and state regulations. While an injured worker is coping with numerous medical issues, they may also be fighting to get the benefits that they deserve.


Many workers may not believe that they can afford legal counsel, as they watch the medical bills piling up. This is the precise time that they should hire a lawyer. When they call a lawyer about a Workers Compensation Idaho Falls problem, they should ask if the lawyer takes cases on a contingency basis. That means that they get paid out of any settlement money they win for the client. If they don’t win anything, then they don’t get paid.

The injured worker should also ask about the success rate that the lawyer has with these types of cases. It’s impossible to know what a good rate is without calling several lawyers in the region. They should also confirm that the first meeting with the lawyer is free. The lawyer will review the case and determine if they are the right lawyer for the case. The lawyer might even be willing to meet with the client at home or in the hospital, depending upon the nature of the worker’s injuries and health condition. The worker can then decide if they feel that the lawyer is right with them as well.

Most lawyers understand how stressful a Workers Compensation Idaho Falls claim is for a worker. Not only do they not feel well, they may very well be arguing with their boss about the circumstances of their injury. Many companies fight a workers compensation claim by arguing that the injury occurred outside of the workplace and prior to the workplace accident. A lawyer can help the worker understand the process and provide the information to prove they deserve compensation for their injury.

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