Hire a Driveway Conractor in Coon Rapids, MN to Properly Install a Driveway

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A well-maintained driveway adds to the curb appeal of every home. Residents who want to showcase their property know that hiring a driveway contractor in Coon Rapids, MN to install and maintain their driveway adds dollars to the value of their home. The Asphalt Driveway Company has over 60 years of experience dealing wih the harsh Minnesota climate that results in excessive ground movement and pavement failure. They know how to construct a driveway under these conditions that will last for the longest period of time. If a driveway is structure is sound it can be repaired or expanded. As children grow into teens, there often isn’t enough room in the driveway. The extra space can be used either for parking or a turnaround space.

Expert driveway contractors are careful to excavate the driveway site to the proper depth. In their years of driveway construction, they have learned that the proper amount of subsoil and gravel base can stave off driveway deterioration as long as possible. Building a sturdy and durable driveway can be compared to building a small road. Once the area is dug out, a grave base is placed in the bed. This is critical in cold climates because it allows as much moisture as possible to drain through the asphalt. Moisture expands and contracts according to the weather temperature and can cause cracks, potholes and pavement failure. A coarse basecoat is laid over the gravel. Finally two or three coats of fine pavement finishes off the driveway construction.

Once a driveway is complete the homeowner should ask the driveway contractor in Coon Rapids, MN to develop a pavement maintenance plan. This includes an annual inspection for cracks. A homeowner may see cracks in their driveway and go to the hardware to find a do-it-yourself crack repair kit. While these work well in warm climates, they have a reputation for failing in colder northern climates. Unlike the hot crack sealers used by professionals, the materials in these kits are not flexible enough for subzero temperatures. If the cracks remain, then water can seep into the sub-surface of the pavement. It will eventually cause frost heaves and pavement failure.


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