Get a Full Range of Dental Services From a Dentist In Farmingdale

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

A Dentist in Farmingdale is the professional you will need to help you with restorative, preventive or cosmetic procedures. Experienced dentists know individuals have different comfort levels and needs, which is why qualified dentists choose the best procedures that you will be comfortable with. Below are some of the classes of dental services you or a loved one may obtain from a Teeth Whitening Dentist or restorative dentist.

Preventive care treatments include the following:

– Regular dental hygiene/cleaning

– Gum disease treatment: It involves treatment of gums to avoid future infections and damage that may cost your teeth. Gum diseases are a leading cause of tooth loss according to dentists.

– Fluoride treatment: This involves treatments that help to prevent tooth decay. If you are worried of decaying teeth, a preventive dentist will help clear your worries in a single visit.

– Bite correction/protection: Jaw and teeth misalignment can lead to bad bites. Your dentist can help prevent this situation by realigning the jaw during the early stages.

– Sealants: Tooth sealants are essential when it comes to correcting teeth that are in various states of decay. Dental sealants are plastic materials that are applied to help prevent further damage to the surface of your teeth.

Restorative dental care involves procedures that help to replace or restore a lost tooth or teeth. Some of the treatments under restorative dentistry, which a Dentist in Farmingdale can offer, include the following:

– Fillings: These are the most common dental restoration procedures. Teeth can be filled with plastic materials, silver amalgam and gold or resin fillings.

– Bridges: They are prosthetic teeth that are designed to fill the gap created by a missing tooth.

– Dentures: These are removable teeth installed to replace multiple missing teeth.

– Dental Implants: are replacement tooth roots. Implants are actually a small post made of metal that are placed into the bone socket where teeth are missing. The implant is covered with a replacement tooth called a crown.

– Crowns

– Extractions

– Root canal therapy

In summary, old, young and the injured have a reason to see dentists in Farmingdale for any of the above services. If you have decided to wear a beautiful and healthy smile, you can Contact A Dentist In Farmingdale to let your dental health be restored. Regardless of the severity of your problem, dentists can help. Choose a qualified dentist and get that smile makeover today!