Finding A Reliable Electric Company in North Vancouver

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Electrician

If you are experiencing electrical problems, the answer is to call in an electrician. While some work alone, many are employees for electrical contractors. In North Vancouver and across the province of British Columbia, locating an electrician is not difficult. However, how do you find a reliable electric company?


The first thing you have to realize is the role of specialization. Many electricians tend to specialize. They may focus on such things as:

  • New construction
  • Commercial work
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Residential service calls

It is important you contact a company that has employees capable of addressing your specific electrical issue(s).

A reliable electrical contractor can recommend the best electrician for the job, even if they cannot send someone or do not have an electrician qualified to perform your task. If they cannot, contact another dependable source – the local North Vancouver homebuilders’ association. They should be able to help.


Always check out the qualifications of the electrical contractor you are considering. Make sure they

  • Have the proper skills
  • Hold the appropriate licensure
  • Possess the right insurance and insurance coverage, e.g., liability as well as workers’ compensation for any employees
  • Have the right permits if the work requires them

Always ask to see the licenses. Make sure the dates are current. The same applies to any form of insurance. Remember failure to do your due diligence cannot only result in damage to your home but also legal charges if anything occurs. Your own insurance company can also invalidate your claim if they discover your choice of electrical contractor was erroneous.

Working with a Reliable Electric Company

In Langley, electrical issues can occur in homes, businesses, and industries. It is essential to repair any issues that create a safety risk. Since electrical work is dangerous, be sure to hire only a licensed electrical contractor – one skilled in handling the specific electrical work you require. Contact a reliable electric company in your area for more information.

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