Facing Civil Litigation with an Attorney in Walker MN

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you have been sued, you will need an attorney in Walker MN to represent your case. Civil litigation is a complex issue which requires the legal advice offered by a personal injury attorney. As the defendant, it is critical in winning your case to know the details of civil litigation. The legal actions, hearings, motions and all legal actions involved in a civil lawsuit should be discussed in detail with your attorney. One of the most nerve-wracking parts of civil litigation involves the deposition.

What is the Deposition?

Once your name has been entered into the court system regarding a lawsuit, you must complete all of the legal steps. Many of these steps may be as simple as signing forms or answering written questions. The deposition is a more intense part of the discovery process. A deposition will demand a face-to-face meeting with the legal representative of your adversary. There will be a number of questions asked concerning the case. The party providing the deposition will be sworn in under oath and will be required to tell the truth at all times. There will be a court transcriber who will record the entire deposition. If your case proceeds to court, this will be used as your testimony, making a deposition a serious part of a lawsuit.

Preparing with your Attorney in Walker MN

Preparation for the deposition will allow for a much greater chance of presenting a strong deposition, The attorney and client should meet and go over these facts.

What key facts do you have? What evidence is in your possession that may assist with winning the case? These may include photographs, written documentation or dates or other details. All of this should be established between the client and attorney prior to the deposition.

Work on ways to get out of tricky situations or questions which may harm the credibility of the client.

Consider all the strong points of the case and discuss these in detail at the deposition with your attorney.

Finally dealing with a lawsuit can be a challenging time. Be sure to contact a Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm to assist you with representing your case in court.

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