Everything that You Wanted to Know about Dental Implants in Ypsilanti MI

December, 2014 by Alma Abell

When deciding to get dental implants in Ypsilanti MI, you must have expectations about the results. Some people are scared or intimidated by the thought of having something implanted in their mouth. Others do not know what exactly dental implants are.

Dental implants explained

Dental implant is one of the most popular options for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants refer to synthetic structures made of titanium. A cosmetic dentist places them surgically in the mouth of a patient. They are placed in the jaw bone using screw-like parts. The implants imitate the roots of natural teeth.

Preparation for dental implants

Before the dental implants procedure, your dentist will give you instructions that you should follow. For instance, you will be asked to rinse your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouth wash. You might also be given some antibiotics to use before the surgery. This prevents possible infections. The dentists will also ask you to have a good breakfast during the day of when you go for the surgery. When going for dental implants in Ypsilanti MI, you will also be asked to have someone that will take you home and take care of you after the surgery.

Time taken by the procedure

The time that your dental implants procedure will take depends on various factors.

They include the following:

The teeth that you are replacing
Dental health condition
Whether a tooth will be extracted before the implant is placed
The number of the involved teeth

The number of times that you visit the dentist during the treatment will also be determined by these factors. For instance, if you have one tooth being replaced, the procedure can take between one and two hours. This includes the time taken for anesthesia and dressing you for the procedure.


You will experience some level of discomfort after the procedure. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used and this prevents you from experiencing pain or discomfort. In most cases, patients say that they are comfortable after the procedure than they expected. To ease your discomfort after the procedure, the dentist will prescribe some medications.


You will heal quickly if you follow the instructions given by the dentist. However, you can visit the dentist after some days for checkup to ensure that your procedure and healing were successful.

Generally, getting dental implants in Ypsilanti MI is an easy and effective way of enhancing your smile and confidence. However, you should visit the best cosmetic dentist to have a safe and smooth procedure.

Knowing what to expect when going for dental implants in Ypsilanti MI is very important. Contact Washtenaw General Dentistry for more information about dental implants from experienced cosmetic dentists.

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