Essential Information About an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

If someone has filed an Order of Protection against you, it is imperative you consult with a reputable Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY immediately to discuss your rights. This is because you will only have five days to request a hearing after the Order of Protection is granted against you. Alternatively, if the other party files the Order of Protection and the hearing has already been scheduled, the hearing will often take place within five to seven days of the date the Order for Protection was filed, therefore it is essential you consult a good Order for Protection lawyer within the shortest time possible. An experienced Order of Protection lawyer has handled similar cases and can help you fight for your rights.

If on the other hand, you are the party seeking an Order for Protection, you should also hire a qualified Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. Generally, the staff at the courthouse will give you the forms you will need to complete to request the court to grant you a Temporary Order of Protection Attorney, also known as an Ex Parte Order of Protection. You will fill out a petition for an Order for Protection, and your petition you have to provide specific details regarding domestic abuse which occurred between you and the opposite party.

The court staff will then take your petition to judge to decide whether or not to grant you an Order of Protection. If your request is granted, the person against whom you are seeking an Order for Protection will be served personally with the Order for Protection. Often the lawyer do not get involved in the process until the hearing is scheduled and the party who is seeking the Order for Protection hires the lawyer to represent them at the hearing. For more visit

Physical harm, threat of physical harm and infliction of fear of physical harm are regarded as forms of domestic abuse. When you are defending yourself against an accusation in an Order for Protection or seeking an Order for Protection , it is important you consult a reputable Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY to ensure your rights are protected.

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