Drive Your Vehicle Safely With the Best Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Automotive

We hear a lot of hoopla about how engines are the most important automotive component because they make a car move or brakes being the most critical because they make the vehicle stop, but the reality is the automotive tire is probably the most vital component of any car or truck on the road today. While people have been using the wheel for a long time in wagons and carts, it is the rubberized tire that really made the automobile functional. Placing a rubber wheel on a metal rim allowed the car a better chance to handle the rough ground which early American vehicles hard to drive over.
Tires have come a long way since the early days of solid rubber rings capping metal rims. The next major advancement was the inner tube which provided a much more comfortable ride. Of course, early tires still had their problems. For one thing, these tires were thin and narrow, which made for a jerky ride. However, the real problem was access to rubber supplies. After two major world wars, scientist and businessmen realized they needed a solution to the limited supply of natural rubber. Currently, that solution is still being studied, but modern tires are now made from a combination of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire. There are other chemical compounds such as carbon black, but this has been the basic construction of modern tires for several decades.
Popular tires such as Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ are designed for specific vehicle and loads. This helps people decide if the tire they are purchasing will handle the strain the vehicle may be put under. For example, the first letter on the code normally indicates whether the tire works for a passenger car of a light truck. The next number indicates the widest area of the tire at the sidewall as measured in metrics. Other indicators include radial, rim type and grades of the wheel.
Remembering all these tedious details can be very difficult when all you really want is a new set of Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ for your car or truck. Thankfully, wheel and tire dealerships like Hudson Tire Exchange Inc have plenty of qualified people to answer any questions you may have. Buying a tire today isn’t just about style, you also need to know if the tire and wheel will perform properly on your car or truck.

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