Discussing Your Rights With A Child Custody Attorney In Kansas City

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

A Child Custody Attorney in Kansas City advises you after your divorce case is settled. They present you with information related to the many different forms of child custody. If you are the victim of domestic violence and have an existing protection order against your spouse, your attorney will address this order at your custody hearing. The judge will take into consideration any violations of this protection order since its filing when determining child custody and visitation. To discover more about how this process works contact Gilby and Haynes today.

Child Custody and Protection Orders

If you acquired a protection order during your divorce case, discussion of this order in your child custody case is crucial. Your attorney will address all stipulations of this order during your custody case to assure you that the judge is aware of any potential risks that your spouse presents to your children. These risks are considered by the judge when he or she awards custody. Any violations of the original protection order are also taken into consideration when the judge renders this decision.

Local Child Custody Attorney

The Gilby and Haynes Law Offices Present you with information about child custody and how these laws may affect your case. When you have an existing protection order against your spouse the stipulations and any violations of this order are addressed by these attorneys when your case goes to court. These attorneys present you with legal counsel throughout these proceedings to ensure your safety and that of your children. To begin these proceedings, contact the Gilby and Haynes Law Offices.

Your child custody attorney in Kansas City assists you in child custody proceedings. To ensure that you understand your rights as a parent within these proceedings, your attorney will provide you with information about the many forms of custody and which is the right choice for you. Your attorney reviews any existing protection orders to ensure that these stipulations are addressed in court. If your spouse presents an imminent threat to you or your children, these risks are explained to the presiding judge.

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