Discovering Cary IL Dental Implants

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Discovering Cary IL Dental Implants

In years, past, when someone needed dental implants, there needed to be a minimal wait time of 3-6 months between the start and finish of the process. The tooth would be removed and once healing was completed, the implant screw would be installed. Then there would be more waiting while the metal post bonded to the jaw bone and then finally the finished cap could be installed. There would then be a few months of final recovery before the process was completed and the dental implant could be used fully. That was then, now things have changed and for the better and new advances in dental implants have made it a faster and more effective process for all. Cary IL dental implants are changing the way our local community is looking at this valuable dental procedure.

Immediate Function

When you are talking to many in the dental field about implants you will at times hear the term “Immediate function” thrown around. This refers to the concept that with new dental implant designs, that the artificial teeth can be attached and ready to be used like normal within as little as 48 hours in some cases. This allows the patient to recover faster and get back to their normal daily activities almost immediately. Some dentists are referring to this process as “teeth in a day,” or “teeth in an hour.” We here at Cary Dental Associates are proud to be offering this service to our patients who need dental implant work done to restore their smile and correct their dental concerns.

Get Started

If you need implants, whether one or many, Cary Dental Associates can make a difference! Give them a call today to set up your initial consultation and to see what they can do for you. You will be surprised at how easy it can be and how affordable dental implants are. See it for yourself and do not live with the pain and embarrassment of bad teeth for another day! Cary Dental Associates LLC can make the difference!

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