Different Teeth Whitening Methods

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Today’s lifestyle can have adverse effects on most people’s dental hygiene. For instance, coffee, tea, red wine and constant smoking can lead to stained teeth. Stained and discolored teeth may cause a decline in self confidence, and thus the need for a Teeth Whitening Mason professional. These professionals have specialized in removing stains from teeth and returning them to their normal white and even brighter, if so desired. Here are a few common teeth whitening methods:

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Perhaps one of the commonly used teeth whitening products is the whitening toothpaste. This product can easily be purchased from supermarkets and drugstores, and it is easily utilized just the same way as normal toothpaste. The disadvantage of this method is that it must be used over time to see any visible results and it only aids in removing surface teeth stains.

Use of a Custom Tray: This teeth whitening method involves the use of a custom tray filled with a teeth whitening gel to achieve the desired white color of teeth. A reputable Teeth Whitening Mason dentist is able to perform this procedure easily at his/her office; however this procedure can also be done at home. At the dentist’s office, this procedure might take a few hours and at times follow up procedures might be necessary. On the other hand, if you are performing this procedure from home it may take about one to two weeks, to achieve the desired results.

Laser whitening: This is a teeth whitening method that is a favorite of most Hollywood celebrities and stars, simply because it achieves instant results. An experienced cosmetic Teeth Whitening Mason dentist will use a type of peroxide gel on your teeth; this is what will whiten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Strips: These are teeth strips that are coated with a whitening gel. So, the moment they are put on the teeth and left there for a period of time, they produce a whitening reaction

If you desire white or whiter teeth all you need to do is visit a professional Teeth Whitening Mason dentist. He/she will analyze the state of your teeth and offer the best possible treatment.


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