Diagnosing Kitchen Appliance Repair In Weymouth

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When one of your kitchen appliances stop working, it can be very stressful until you can get it fixed. If your refrigerator stops running, your food can quickly spoil. When your stove malfunctions, you can’t cook a meal. As soon as you notice that you have a problem, it’s important that you call a professional who does Kitchen Appliance Repair in Weymouth as soon as possible. Below you’ll discover some of the most common problems that cause your kitchen appliances to stop working.


If your refrigerator is still running, but your food isn’t very cold, you may need to adjust the thermostat. Turn the dial up to a higher setting to see if this keeps your food colder. When your fridge is leaking and you have a puddle of water on the floor, the drain tube may be frozen or clogged. When you don’t hear the motor running, you may have a faulty compressor. Other problems that the technician will look for is a damaged condenser fan or defrost timer.


If one of the burners on your electric range stops working, pull it out and insert a burner that you know is working. If it still doesn’t work, there’s a problem with the socket or the switch. If it does work, it’s just the burner that’s bad. If none of the burners are working, the technician from MA may need to check the wiring for a loose connection or frayed wires.


When one of the elements in your oven, either the broiler or the bake element, isn’t heating up, the element is bad and you’ll have to call a technician from Kitchen Appliance Repair in Weymouth to fix it. If both of the elements won’t heat up, then you either have a problem with the thermostat or a fuse.


When your dishwasher won’t start at all, this is usually the sign of a faulty motor. The technician will check the motor and the fan blades to diagnose the problem. If the motor is working properly, there could be a problem with the switch or the electrical connections.

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