Dental Implants in Bloomfield NJ: The Ideal Solution

July, 2015 by

Dental Implants in Bloomfield NJ: The Ideal Solution

In today’s world, your smile is an essential part of the aesthetics and self-esteem of a person. Studies have shown that after the eyes, the smile is the most important feature a person has. The dental implants have shown that long-term function in many patients worldwide. is a great solution for those who want to restore a beautiful and healthy smile.

Even though implants have been on the market for many years, they are just now being used routinely. This is because both dentists and patients now see the countless health and aesthetic properties being offered. More importantly, it is imperative that dentists use high quality dental implants when performing the surgery as this helps the success rate. It’s also important that you choose a dentist whose reputation is impeccable.

The lack of a tooth (or teeth) is a problem that can affect not only the function of mastication and phonation of a patient, but more importantly, can affect a person’s self-esteem. Therefore, the social performance of a person can be shaken to its core on all levels. Patients usually state that the lack of front teeth impacts their social and professional lives. Plenty of people will cover their mouth in shame without even knowing it. When asked about it, they simply say that they don’t realize it or it’s just a habit.

But is the solution to this problem only dental implants? Actually, it isn’t. The only issues come with patients not following the recommendations of their dentist or the placement is off. A placement error of 1 mm in a front tooth crown will mean that your tooth will not look natural. That is why you need an experience and qualified specialist to do the procedure.

We know that the dentist’s experience is important when performing the procedure, but a proper diagnosis and case analysis is just as important. Experts believe that dental implants in Bloomfield NJ are the ideal solution. However, implants are only suitable for each specific clinical case. This is because there are many designs and modifications available. For more information about implants, or to inquire about other dental issues, contact Philip E Toaldo DDS PA today.