Credit Unions: An Affordable Alternative for Auto Loans in Sparks, Nevada

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

Credit Unions: An Affordable Alternative for Auto Loans in Sparks, Nevada

Over 90 million American’s currently prefer working with, and keeping their hard-earned money at, federal credit union’s over a traditional bank. Credit Unions are owned and run by their members, or customers, which can lead many people to believe that they do not provide many of the services that traditional banks do. However, credit unions offer the same services, and even offer lower interest rates on most mortgage and auto loans they offer. Credit union deposits are also insured, such as they are at a traditional bank, which means your money is safe. You are able to get mortgage loans and Auto Loans in Sparks, Nevada through a credit union and in most cases can even make loan payments with your credit cards. ATM fees, overdraft fees, and late-payment fees are typically lower with credit unions, as well.

Credit unions are non-profit organizations, so they are more likely to tailor their services to the satisfaction of their customers. Without their customers, credit unions would be more likely to fold, so you will not see many of them charging excessive fees like most banks do. Remember, if you are a member or a customer at a credit union, you are also an owner. This guarantees that your money will be kept safe and that your interests and needs will come before anything else. Unlike credit unions, traditional banks look out for the financial interests of stockholders, not the customers.

When it comes to your money, credit unions are by far the best banking option out there. You will have more options when it comes to paying off your mortgage or Auto Loans, you will have fewer fees to pay overall, and you will be surrounded by people whose principal goal is customer satisfaction. Many traditional banks are currently failing, or raising their interest rates and fees wherever they can in order to make up for their losses. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the financial traps that are abounding with traditional banks. Contact your local credit union today for more information on what a credit union can do for you.

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