Contacting A Heating Company In Reno When A Home Feels Too Cold

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When someone has uses heat in their home during the cooler months of the year, it is likely they will want the interior of their living space to remain a comfortable temperature when the outdoor weather is frigid. There are several ways a homeowner can save money on energy costs by performing simple tasks around their household to try to retain the heat their furnace emits. If a furnace is not working up to par in heating a home effectively after trying these tips, a call to a Heating Company in Reno can be made to assess the unit to see if repair work will be needed.

Check That Drafts Are Not Present

If there are drafty areas in the home, the furnace will come on more often and run for a longer duration each time. This in turn can cost the homeowner extra money to keep their home warm. Drafts can be discovered around windows and doors by holding a lit incense stick close to the perimeter. If the smoke flickers quickly, this area is in need of sealing. This can be done with caulk or weather-stripping pieces to add a barrier of protection against cold temperatures outdoors.

Cover Windows To Retain Heat

Glass panes are known for allowing warm air to escape to the outdoors. It is wise to cover windows, especially during the nighttime hours when sunlight will not be coming inside of the house through them. Thermal-lined curtains or draperies work well at keeping heat inside a home. Plastic sheeting can also be used on window panes during the winter months to provide an extra layer of insulation.

Check The Furnace Regularly

A furnace in need of a clean-out will not work efficiently. A professional should be called on a yearly basis to do a complete clean-out of a furnace. At this time they will also evaluate it for any problems in how it runs. The air filter should also be switched out with a new one each month for the best results in heat flow.

When there is a need to call a Heating Company in Reno to do routine maintenance or to check the condition of a furnace, finding one that offers competitive pricing is best. Visit us online or in person today to find out more.

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