Considering Chapter 7? You’ll Need The Help Of A Bankruptcy Attorney In Wichita, KS

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If the biggest worry in your life is figuring out the right way to get your financial worries under control, it’s not always something you can do alone. Even with tight budgeting, proper money management, and cutting out the excess, a dollar can only be stretched so far. If you’re one of millions of Americans who just keeps trying and trying to make ends meet, but always ends up coming up just a little short, it may be the right time to contact a knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney in Wichita, KS. Click here for more information.

While bankruptcy isn’t the right solution for everyone, when it is, it provides a much needed clean slate, and the chance to pursue your dreams while on firm financial ground. The problem most Americans have with debt is that it is by nature a problem that compounds over time. Simply making the minimum payments is enough to keep from destroying your credit or ending up with an angry lender filing a lawsuit against you, but it isn’t enough to stop a high rate of interest from compounding. Add in penalties and late fees from those times when even paying the minimum was difficult, and multiply that times the number of utilities, loans, and lines of credit you have, and you have the recipe for massive debt, even if you’re not living extravagantly.

Budgeting your money correctly is only half of the solution. First, you have to be employed and make enough money that paying your bills each month is feasible. For many American families, especially in the dwindling middle class, this isn’t always feasible. If you see no clear way out because you simply don’t earn enough each month, it may be time to consult a Bankruptcy Attorney in Wichita, KS to discuss filing a Chapter 7 petition. Also known as “liquidation bankruptcy”, it is the fastest way to pay off as many debts as possible and have others written off as a loss by lenders.

There’s always a solution, and if yours lies in consulting a Bankruptcy Attorney in Wichita, KS, it’s time to call Attorney Philip L. Weiser. With expert advice and years of experience, your financial future will be in the best of hands.

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