Consider the Types of Commercial Glass Your Company Needs

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Home Improvement

The glass doors and windows that are part of your company’s commercial space say just as much about it as your name on the building or your advertising brochures. Your building’s doors and windows can give your customers a good first impression in addition to protecting your property from inadvertent or even malicious damage. Whether your company needs glass that can withstand hurricane-force winds, protect your property with bullet-proof glass or add an air of sophistication to your entry, 494 Glass and Mirror Inc can guide you in making the best selection.

Clear glass with no aluminum framing, known as Herculite glass, is often chosen for its clean, modern look. Many people feel that the sophisticated look of a heavy, all-glass door provides a classic appearance to a company’s entrance. The lack of framing also provides a more open field of vision, giving your customers the impression that your business itself is more open and welcoming to them. These types of doors cost more than more doors with frames, but many business owners feel they are worth the cost. Patterned or tinted glass may be another option for you, particularly for doors within your building that lead to different areas of the company.

Commercial glass windows require just as much care in selection as do your company’s doors. Choosing the right security glass that is bullet proof is an important choice many companies have to make. Different manufacturing techniques provide different levels of security glass. The manufacturing process incorporates glass and a range of plastics in several layers to provide lower to higher bullet resistance. Companies located in areas prone to winds of tropical storm or hurricane force need glass windows and doors that can withstand projectiles thrown by the high winds. An experienced commercial glass company can deliver glass designed to do just that.

A Commercial glass company that offers excellent workmanship and superb customer service is worth considering for your company’s glass window and door needs. 494 Glass and Mirror will consult with you to determine the best kind of glass for your building’s doors and windows. Safety during and after the installation process is critical. When you choose a company of technicians properly trained in glass safety procedures, you can feel confident that your building’s glass windows and doors will stand up to the stresses put on them.

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