Common Problems that Require Garage Door Repairs in Chicago, IL

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Garage doors play an important part in a home. They not only keep your car safe but also enhance the security of your home. Although these doors are required to move up and down, sometimes they may fail or just stop working properly. It is at such times that you have to fix the problem or seek for professional garage door repairs in Chicago, IL. To enable any homeowner handle their garage door problems, here are guidelines on how to resolve some common issues.

Before your garage door fails, it may start acting up. Stopping for a few seconds when opening or closing and jamming are some of the early signs of potential failure. When you notice them, you should not call in a professional immediately. You can start off by carrying out simple maintenance works such as examining rollers, lubricating them and cleaning tracks. If these simple tasks do not seem to resolve the problem, you may then seek for expert help.

Another common issue with garage doors is noise. This noise can be very irritating, especially if your bedroom is next to the garage. Tightening any loose nuts, replacing worn out rollers and hinges are some of the common tasks that you can carry out to eliminate the noise. You should also listen to the noise to determine its source so that you can easily tell what the problem could be. Dry movable parts might also cause noise due to friction. Therefore, you need to have them lubricated. If the noise remains after all you maintenance activities, it is time to call in professional garage door repairs in Chicago, IL.

During winter, garage doors tend to freeze up because they are exposed to the chilling cold. If you press the open button and the door does not budge, you should not go on hitting it repeatedly because you can break the door’s coils or burn out its motor. However, you can solve the problem using a hair dryer to melt any ice around the door. Garage door openers should also be serviced regularly to avoid cases where they may fail and keep you locked inside the garage for long hours. Lastly, if the garage door keeps acting up every other day, the best solution is usually replacing it. AR-BE Garage Doors, Inc. can help you find the perfect replacement door, and even help you install it.


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