Common Drainage Problem Needing Sewer Rodding in Evanston

April, 2014 by

There are many causes for sewer or drain stoppages which may require sewer rodding in Evanston. There are some common causes for these problems that are definitely worth knowing about. One of these causes for blockages in the sewer line is tree root infestation. In such a case, rodding will only be a temporary solution, as the problem is likely to persist as long as root growth continues. A more permanent solution for this problem is to have the tree removed entirely, or alternatively, have a new sewer line installed. Over time, preventative rodding will become a frequent occurrence, and the sewer line is likely to eventually collapse.

Another common cause for sewer and drainage blockage is grease blockage, where the grease is introduced into the line from the garbage disposer, dishwasher or kitchen sink. Sewer rodding in Evanston is likely to solve the problem, although in extreme cases, the drain line will need to be opened and an alternative solution used. To lessen the occurrence of this kind of blockage, water jet rodding, periodic rodding, installing a grease receptor and use of chemicals for grease removal are all great options. However, the best way to overcome this problem is to reduce the amount of oil and grease products that are used in the household.

Improper use of the garbage disposer is something else that may lead to the need for sewer rodding in Evanston. There are certain types of food that should not be thrown in the disposer, and this is a little known fact. It is important to run cold water for a few minutes before disposing of any food, and again after to help wash down the waste. Another important tip for garbage disposal use is to grind goods in small amounts. Lastly, fibrous foods such as onion peel; corn cobs and husks, celery and artichoke leaves should not be introduced into the garbage disposer.

Lastly, flushing anything besides human waste and toilet paper will eventually clog up your sewer. It doesn’t matter what the product says in terms of disposal, you should never flush anything else apart from the aforementioned things. This includes diapers, dead goldfish, baby wipes, facial tissues and paper towels. For a professional sewer rodding in Evanston service, Done With Pride is there for all your needs. We offer sewer rodding and many other plumbing related services at a reasonable price.