Choosing Engagement Rings from Knoxville Jewelers

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While it may not be the most expensive investment one will make in their lifetime, one of the most important purchases anyone will ever make is an engagement ring. This is a symbol of true love, and something that is going to be worn for many decades. A lot of thought must go into choosing the perfect wedding ring, and there are many things to keep in mind. Many different styles are available, and pricing will depend on a variety of factors.

There are four important things to keep in mind when shopping for engagement rings, known as the four C’s. These are carat, clarity, color, and cut. Carat is the size of the diamonds, and the more carats, the more expensive diamond engagement rings from Knoxville jewelers are going to be. Color is important, and although some colored diamonds are very valuable, in most cases if there are bits of yellow or brown in a diamond it is going to be a lower quality and value as colorless are the most sought-after. Clarity is how clear the stone is, and the more flaws, the lower the clarity of the diamond.

The cut is the shape that the diamond is cut into. There are many different cuts available, such as princess, marquise, emerald, cushion, rose, and others. Talk to the expert Knoxville jewelers to learn more about the various cuts and see the different stones in a variety of settings. Ask questions to learn more about diamonds, cuts, and settings in order to make the best decision about buying an engagement ring.

Once the actual diamond has been chosen, it is time to choose the setting and mount for the engagement ring. The setting is an integral part of the ring, and can affect how the diamonds look. Some people prefer prong settings, while others prefer channel or bezel settings, where there are no prongs holding the diamonds in place. Some settings allow for a number of diamonds set in various shapes, and solitaires are made for single stones. To see the many styles of engagement rings available.

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